Brussels will fight against Bitcoin

The EU says anonymous cash on the Internet to fight back. Brussels has presented an action plan to help combat the financing of terrorist organizations. A central component: the end of the More »

Bitcoin price explodes

The virtual currency Bitcoin is striking with its veritable comeback: On Wednesday, the price increased by a whopping 25 percent, reaching for the first time since the summer of last year, the More »

Bitcoin security firm writes open letter

Paul Puey, CEO of Bitcoin security firm Airbitz, has published in a commentary on LeapRate a letter, in which he invites politicians to allow the progress of Bitcoin innovation. Puey says the More »


Bitcoin machines are not yet a worthwhile target

cyber attack

Security experts have complained at a German hacking meeting that there are still major gaps in the security of classical ATMs. Bitcoin exchange machines, on the other hand, are still uninteresting for criminals. Bitcoin vending machines have been doing their

EU Council requests registration of Bitcoin users


Anti-terrorism measure – Platforms that deal with cryptic threats should register customers in a central database In the fight against the hidden financing of terrorist activities, the EU Council advocates a more stringent handling of cryptic diseases such as bitcoin,

Bitcoin market capitalization


The Bitcoin is currently in a rally and pushes market capitalization accordingly upward. Finally, this year the value of Bitcoin has more than doubled. In January 2016, Bitcoin was traded at an average price of $ 435. Well (as of

Ukrainian Bitcoin Bank taken over by government


The Ukrainian government recently announced to take over the domestic private bank. The bank is one of the largest banks in the country, which allows Bitcoin-friendly banking. On Sunday, the government issued a statement stating the state’s takeover of the

Mulvaney praises Bitcoin in his speech

credit: PerfectHue

Bitcoin enthusiasts are not exactly the biggest fans of the Federal Reserve. Some people go so far and push all the problems of the US economy to the banknote. Mick Mulvaney, Trumps Financial Head, is one of such strict views.

Bitcoin ATM are increasing

Cryptex Card works on 90 percent of ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs have been popular in recent years. Crypto-Nerds and Enthusiasts have their Bitcoin cards worried and paid or withdrawn. This process is very convenient, but this time it is not about Fiat money. These machines sometimes get a bad

Kraken has bought Glidera


San Francisco-based digital currencies exchange Kraken has bought the Wallet service provider Glidera. Glidera is thus involved in a large number of start-ups, which have already been swallowed by the giant of the industry. Financial details about the deal were

Not a total ban of Bitcoin in Russia 2017


After heavy fighting against the users of Bitcoins in the Russian Federation two years ago, the official policy now seems to have turned 180 degrees. According to this, Russia’s government is no longer pursuing Russians using bitcoins, several media. According

Trading volume of Ethereum Classic has collapsed massively


The trading volume of Ethereum Classic (ETC) fell by more than 99% compared to the all-time high in the summer of this year. The digital currency, which is an alternative to the Ethereum blockchain, was enthusiastically received by many from

Price explosion in 2017 conceivable?


For the Saxo Bank, it would not be surprising if the price per bitcoin would triple in the coming year. The Danish investment bank recently published its “Incredible Forecasts for 2017”, a collection of presumptions that do not meet the