100 free Bitcoin terminals for dutch merchants

Will Amsterdam be the Bitcoin capital of the world? BitPay and the dutch startup BitStraat come together to make the first steps in this big project. To satisfy the title they come up with a Bitcoin terminal which would give to 100 merchants in Amsterdam for free. The choice of Amsterdam as the Bitcoin capital make sense for BitStraat and BitPay because the dutch capital demonstrated in years past that they are approachable and predictive about new technologies. So crypto-currencies are really welcome.

The Bitcoin terminals that would be placed by the merchants are composed of a tablet with a special rack and the software. And it’s for free for the first 100 merchants who generate a volume of 900 Euro. Everybody else have the choice to pay 10 Euro per month for full service or to buy the terminal for only 120 Euro.

So far 18 merchants are registrated for the project and BitStraat and Bitpay hope that they reach the 100 merchants in spring 2015. But ot only Amsterdam is interested to be the dutch Bitcoin capital. Arnhem, another dutch city, recuited in May 15 companies to accept Bitcoin. In these days they have 35 connected companies.

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