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Nascar racer sponsored by Dogecoin!

Dogecoin was introduced in December 2013 and has become a popular crypto-currency in the last months. The growing Dogecoin community use the crypto-currency for crowfunding campaigns and many more. Billy Markus developed and created the Dogecoin and want to reach

Yoga and Bitcoin fits together perfectly

yoga studios accpet bitcoin

People who like yoga often talk about the great way to stay in shape and relaxing at the same time. With yoga you can manage mental and physiological health – and that’s important for everyone, also for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Most

Undoing bitcoin payments now possible?

Using bitcoins is advantageous in many ways. One of the great advantages is that you can transfer bitcoins as simple as online banking. But what will be happen when you make a mistake by a payment? As of shortly there was

Bitcoin uprising at CBNC

Nice report about Bitcoin

There are a lot of headlines and reports about Bitoin in media – but the most of them are not very positive. They tell of the negative aspects like rubbery, illegal dealings and insolvent exchanges. But there are so much

9 year old girl explains Bitcoin

9 years old girl explains Bitcoin

Children and fools tell the truth! At Money & Tech the 9 year old girl Sophie talks about Bitcoin, how to use it and what are the pros and cons of the crypto-currency. And Sophie has to tell some really

The 3 types of Bitcoin users

After the worth of Bitcoin was falling under $ 400 some doubters were found in message boards and communities. Fearful investors sold there Bitcoin because they worried to go in the red, others take a look at the price and

Beginners guide: An altcoin definition

Beginners Guide: Definition Altcoins

If you are interested in crypto-currencies you have to struggle with many terms in the beginning. Beside Bitcoin other terms like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin and many others could be confusing. All the coins beside Bitcoin often summarized as Altcoins –

Cryptex Card – a new global debit card!

Cryptex Card works on 90 percent of ATMs

Even though Bitcoin become more and more popular it is still not easy to exchange the currency fast to cash. Bitcoin ATMs are a possibility, but there are too little particularly outsite the major cities. With Cryptex Card, Bitcoin users

Finland: First two-way Bitcoin ATM launched in Helsinki

First two-way Bitcoin ATM launched in Helsinki, Finland

Bitcoin ATMs become more and more popular. In many cities around the world the ATMs were launched and used by the Bitcoin community. But a wide range of ATMs could only be used in one way. In Helsinki the Bitcoin

Chicago Sun-Times accept Bitcoin


Back in February a first and succestful test with BitWall was the first step for the Chicago Sun-Times to accept Bitcoin. Now, only a few weeks later, the newspaper has announced a partnership with the bitcoin startup Coinbase. That’s make