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Mining hardware from Walmart?

The times when only nerds heard about Bitcoin were over. Nowadays nearly everyone could buy or mine bitcoins and make money with the crypto-currency. News about Bitcoin are everywhere and the people are informed about chances and risks. But if

Bitcoin goes social

The easy way to use bitcoin with facebook

Keeping it simple – that was the intention from the founders of QuickCoin, a social wallet which make it easy to send and receive Bitcoin via Facebook. The startup, based in San Francisco, will bring Bitcoin to the masses and

Bitcoin Frenzy: Get started in the world of Bitcoin

Irelands first Bitcoin Frenzy event

Indroducing more people to the benefits of Bitcoin – that’s the ambitious aim at the Bitcoin Frenzy event, hosted by the irish startup Bitex. On the one-day event Bitex will extend a place where people can come together to chat

Will an SMS-based wallet come?

SMS-based wallet in beta test

It’s a great plan that 37coins announced: They will provide a SMS-based wallet with which sending and receiving bitcoin is possible – and no internet connection or smartphone is required. To transfer bitcoin via SMS a few commands are given

Bitcoin NFC based POS

Bitcoin point of sale system

There are a few stages to implement Bitcoin to the POS (point of sale). The idea to pay with Bitcoin in your supermarket or preferred café is great and could be so simple. With XBTerminal the wish could come true

Living on Bitcoin is easier now

This year living on Bitcoin is much easier than last year

Last year Kashmir Hill from Forbes try to live one week on Bitcoin and reviewed that time in several articles. She had to learn that living on Bitcoin is not as easy as it seems. Now, one year later, she

Bitcon in worth of $10 free for college students

coinbase blog

Coinbase will support the bitcoin awareness among students and announce a giveaway: They are gifting $10 worth of bitcoin to students when they create  a new Coinbase account using ther .edu e-mail adress. Inspired by the idea of two MIT

Social network for bitcoiners

Safe social network for bitcoiners

The world is a village – and with “The Global Village” – a new social network – bitcoiners from all over the world will have a safe place where they can talk and come together. In marked contrast to other

Yelp shows who accepts Bitcoin

Yelp shows if Bitcoins are accepted

Who accept Bitcoin as a payment method? This question is knowing by everyone who want to integrate Bitcoin in daily life. Although more and more shops and restaurants accept Bitcoin it is not so easy to find out, which one

Survey: Nearly 74% of respondents believe in Bitcoin

Trust in Bitcoin

Nice Infographic about the trust in Bitcoin. No more words needed! by