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Bitcoin Job Fair in New York City

Bitcoin Job Fair

If you are looking for a job in aspiring companies or are you an owner of a company which work in the Bitcoin industry? Than you have to join the Bitcoin Job Fair in New York City on Saturday, June

Bitcoin have a big potential in Argentina


Argentina is exposed to fluctuations of currencies because the inflation and the legislation. The trust in the argentine Peso is deranged so the Peso had reached an all-time low in these days. This facts increase the interest in crypto-currencies like

Using Bitcoin could be soon easier in California

photo credit: antanacoins

Did you know that Californiahave an existing law that banned commercial activities from being performed with anything other den US dollars? In fact that means, using Bitcoin for sales or anything else in California is illegal. So far the law

Will Jersey be the future “Bitcoin Isle”?

Should Jersey become Bitcoin Island?

Bitcoin goes mainstream – and more and more people, companys and countries as well are interested in the crypto-currency and the possibilities that come along with Bitcoin. In these days the idea of a Bitcoin Isle is popular – and

500 million Dogecoin mined with NAS hack

200 million dogecoins were mined with a nas hack

It’s unbeliveable but true: A hacker mines 500 million Dogecoin by hacking into NAS boxes manufactured by Synology! The Dogecoins┬áhave a worth of USD 200,000! With a botnet of infected devices the hacker combined the power of the computing power

What is… a cold storage?

What is a cold storage?

Everyone who is interested in Bitcoin have to struggle with a lot of terms and that could be confusing. In our new series we would like to explain some terms and give an answer on questions which are interesting for

Debut on Bloomberg: Winklevoss Price Ticker!


With the “WinkDex” the bitcoin price index from Winklevoss the first appereance on Bloomberge was made! Under WINKBTCO it’s listed on the platform and that are really good news for the index, launched this year. Winkdex was launched in February

Doge Vault: 280 million dogecoins have been stolen

cyber attack

We heared news like this from some Bitcoin wallet services – but now it has arrived in the dogecoin world, too: As the online dogecoin wallet service Doge Vault confirmed, a cyber attack took place on Sunday, 11 May. One

Book your holidays – Expedia now accepts Bitcoin!

expedia accept bitcoin for hotel bookings

Have you booked your summer holiday so far? Not? Than you could pay it now with Bitcoins because Expedia accept Bitcoins since last week. They are working with Coinbase to accept and convert Bitcoin into dollars so you can book

Launching a startup after an invest in Bitcoin


It was in 2012 when Erik Finman received a gift from his grandma: $ 1000. Instead of taking the money to buy a new computer or something like that, he invested the money in bitcoin – and after one and