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Bitcoin Expo 2014 in Shanghai

Bitcoin Expo 2014 Shanghai

BitcoinExpo 2014 is the meeting hub of the emerging power of growing China and the Western traditions and innovations in technology. Organizers of the Central European Bitcoin Expo that was held in Vienna at the end of May already proved

How Bitcoin works under the hood (video)

You want to know what Bitcoin is and how it works under the hood. Take 20 minutes, lean back and watch the video with the great explanation by

Ecuador bans Bitcoin

Ecuador bans Bitcoin

With 91 votes in favor, the National Assembly of Ecuador has banned Bitcoin and other decentralized digital currencies. Instead of accepting the already available crypto-currencies they planned to create a new, state-run currency. So the law gives the permission to

Move to Austin

22 Reasons Bitcoin Startups should move to Austin

There are many states and cities which would become more interesting for startups – also for Bitcoin startups. With various benefits they try to bait the young companies to launch their startup in THIS state or city. A charmingly kind

Dell accept Bitcoin as a payment!

Dell accept Bitcoin as payment

After Businesses like Expedia and startet to accept Bitcoin as a payment, the third largest PC seller, Dell, accept Bitcoin, too. So Dell is so far the biggest company which made the move. And Bitcoin is one step closer

Google currency converter now for Bitcoin, too!

There are many Bitcoin currency converters available on the internet and after a few clicks everyone who wants to know can see, which value a Bitcoin have in the preferred currency. Now it’s still easier to get the value of

Opening Party Bitcoin Center Berlin

Bitcoin Centers are placed in many major cities all over the world. And one of these centers in Berlin, Germany, celebrate the opening of the new office with a big party! On July, 22, the opening party starts at 06.30 pm

Realcoin – a new dollar-backed digital currency

dollar-backed digital currency

In the wave of so-called Bitcoin 2.0 ventures, a startup based in Santa Monica produced the first digital currency, which is dollar-backed. With their Realcoins (so they named their currency) the startup have the right to release them for U. S.

Tipdoge: Give a tip via Twitter

Give a dogecoin tip via twitter

With services like flattr it is possible to give a tip on a blog or something like this. It shows that you will support the blogger or that you are thankful for an information you get. But what’s about all

Russia on the way to legalize Bitcoin?


Legalizing Bitcoin is a big step for many countries and the most of them back away from the risks. But the Bank of Russia has signaled it’s ready to legalize Bitcoin, the world’s first mainstream crypto-currency. In spite of the big