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More than 200 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide

200 Bitcoin ATMs installed worldwide

A new milestone in the history of Bitcoin was reached last week: 200 Bitcoin ATMs were installed worldwide! Thus the growth rate of Bitcoin ATMs has increased: the first 100 ATMs were installed during 7 months, the next 100 during 3

Pay your Budwiser with Bitcoin!

Pay your Budwiser with Bitcoin

What have Bitcoin, Budwise and music festivals in common? In a summer concert series it all come together! As Coinbase wrote in their blog, they have a partnership with Budwiser’s Made in America concert series and make it possible to pay

Should you invest in Bitcoin?

Should you invest in Bitcoin?

“Should you invest in Bitcoin?” – this question is the title of an interesting infographic created by Coin Republic. In times of financial crises Bitcoin could be a option to conventional investments. But articles in well-known financial magazines and unsteady prices

Cannabis Road offline after hack

Cannabis Road was hacked

Since today the black market Cannabis Road is offline. As a message from the lead developer “Crypto” shows, the online market place suffering from an hack attack. About $100,000 or to be exact 200 Bitcoin were stolen. And yet Crypto

Bitcoin Startup raises 9.5 Million

Chain, a Bitcoin startup, gets venture capital

After Coinbase in December and BitPay in May another Bitcoin Startup attracted capital from prominent investors. Chain wants to make it easier to build Bitcoin apllications for developers and had closed a 9.5 million Dollar investment round led by Khosla

Bitcoin’s price fall: A consequence of regulations?


Yesterday the price of Bitcoin dropped nearly 12 percent. With $435.60 it was the lowest value since may. And nothing really happens what could explain the worth. At least there was no reason like a hack, crash or something like this.

Would mining be cheaper soon?

New chip could make mining less energy-intensive

Germany has a growing Bitcoin scene with motivated startups with good ideas and capable guys. Good premises for interesting projects. Sebastian Kruse, CEO of the german Asicrising GmbH, ist one of the capable guys and is looking for founders to produce

The Declaration Of Bitcoin’s Independence

Why people love Bitcoin? In this video not only the Bitcoin startups and early adopters confide their view of the crypto-currency but rather people like you and me who love the freedom and the opportunities of Bitcoin. When we say

Bitcoin Streets in Spain!

photo credit: jurvetson

Creating Bitcoin Streets in several spanish cities – that’s the aspiration of a volunteer driven initiative by the spanish Bitcoin community. The project named CALLEBITCOIN starts a few weeks ago in Madrid. Since that the target of 20 Bitcoin accepting businesses is coming

Wikimedia Foundation receives more than $ 140,000

Wikipedia accepts donations in Bitcoin

A few days ago we wrote about the new possibility to support the Wikimedia Foundation with donations in Bitcoin. To receive donations in Bitcoin, Wikipedia works togehter with CoinBase, the well known payment processor. This day CoinBase refers that the