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Why does the Bitcoin price is not exploding right now?

Since a few weeks the Bitcoin price didn’t rise up and many users discuss about the reason. Here is a video on which the question “Why does the Bitcoin price is not exploding right now?” was reviewed. Is this the

New payment partnership: BitPay and Paypal

Including Bitcoin into PayPal was the wish of many users. Today BitPay announced the partnership with PayPal! At first they completed the integration with PayPal’s Payments Hub, which is their alternative payments platform for digital goods. If customers have a Bitcoin

Bitcoin price will reach a worth of 10,000 $

In these days the worth of Bitcoins is no cause for celebration but it’s still no reason for panic. And some Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors looks ahead in a future with a growing worth. One of those investors, Tim Draper, have

Cheapair accept Altcoins for booking!

Cheapair accept Dogecoin and Litecoin as payment method

Since November 2013 Cheapair, a booking platform for flights and more, accept Bitcoin as a payment method. They started with accepting the crypto-currency for booking flights and expand shortly afterwards with accepting Bitcoin for hotel booking and train tickets. Accepting

Yacuna: a new european Bitcoin exchange started

With Yakuna a new european Bitcoin exchange was started in these days. The international exchange for digital currencies make it possible to take digital financial transactions with the crypto-currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Barters from the crypto-currencies into fiat currencies

Would you be paid in Bitcoin?

photo credit: zcopley

A growing number of Bitcoin enthusiasts try to integrate Bitcoin more and more into daily life. So it’s not unsual that one or two think about the possibility to be paid in Bitcoin, too. But not every employer offer this