Monthly Archives: October 2014

GoCoin brings Altcoin to Shopify

photo credit: btckeychain

With Shopify, the e-commerce platform, it’s possible to buy goods with Bitcoin for some time past. Now, in cooperation with GoCoin, it’s possible to pay with Altcoins (Litecoin and Dogecoin), too. The deal was decided a few months ago but

Q & A with Gavin Andresen

Q & A Session with Gavin Andresen from the Bitcoin Foundation

A few days ago, Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation, started a Q & A session on redit. Gavin heard about Bitcoin in May 2010 and started working on Bitcoin-related Projects soon after. In the last years he

Bitnet gets 14.5 Million USD


The wind of change is blowing in the Bitcoin payment business. Bitnet, a platform to process Bitcoin payments, get venture capital in the amount of 14.5 Million USD to engage in competition with Coinbase and Bitpay. But that’s not all.

Bitfilm-Festival starts in Germany

Bitfilm Festival

The Bitfilm-Festival is the first film festival that shows only films that will focus the crypto-currency Bitcoin. It starts the tour over four continents in Berlin, Germany, at October, 25 and continues in Seoul, Cape Town, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. The

Kraken will start Ops in Japan


Since the collapse of Mt. Gox Japan needs a new Bitcoin exchange – and Kraken wants to fullfill this need. So the Bitcoin exchange will start by the end of October operating in Japan with a more secure service than