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Supermarket accept Bitcoin

Supermarket in the Netherlands accept Bitcoin!

The Netherlands seem to be very Bitcoin-friendly. After we wrote about the plans to make Amsterdam to the Bitcoin world capital, there are another great news from the european country: In Arnhem, another very Bitcoin-friendly dutch city, the first supermarket

Are you already tipping?

It's important to say thank you with a tip

In restaurants, hair salons and in the taxi it’s for the most people semi-normal to give a tip for the received service or effort. But what about all the great things we use online everyday? What about the author of

London: BitcoinExpo in January 2015

Be a part of the BitcoinExpo 2015 in London!

Thrilling debates, top-class speaker, presentations of startups and networking all the time – that’s what the BitcoinExpo 2015 in London promises. From January 24 to 25 the CryptoEvents team organized the next event after the successful European Bitcoin Expo in

Bitcoin Black Friday! Are you ready?

Bitcoin Black Friday

It’s only two years ago that the Bitcoin Black Friday made its debut – but we all won’t live without him. As its start only 20 merchants supporting the campaign. Last year 600 merchants and the sales hit the $

Mozilla accept Bitcoin donations


More and more non profit organizations spot the benefits of accepting crypto-currencies for donations. The main reason for accepting Bitcoin and Altcoins is the fact that their are no transaction fees to pay. And now Mozilla, the Firefox open source

100 free Bitcoin terminals for dutch merchants

Will Amsterdam be the Bitcoin capital?

Will Amsterdam be the Bitcoin capital of the world? BitPay and the dutch startup BitStraat come together to make the first steps in this big project. To satisfy the title they come up with a Bitcoin terminal which would give to

Australian Bitcoin Doco – the 1st step


The Bitcoin Doco is a 3 pt series about crypto-currencies especially Bitcoin in Australia. In the project the team will uncover and present the real and personal stories and the impact that cryptocurrencies are having on peoples’ lives in Australia.

People who like Bitcon also like…

Typically Bitcoin user

YouGov published a new profile about people who like Bitcoin in UK. They want to show what defferentiates people who like Bitcoin from their comparison set. Even the profile is for Bitcoin users in UK there are a few interesting

Not just a job but a dream for Bitcoin enthusiasts


Get paid to live on Bitcoin for one month? That’s sound to good to be true but it’s a real offer by the Bitcoin startup Brawker. On Coinality they published the job offer to highlight the benefits of Bitcoin and

79 % of US-companies plan Bitcoin integration

Report about the relevance of crypto-currencies

High-tech giant HP had commissioned a study about crypto-currencies by Ponemon Instituts and get back a report with very good news. The report indicates that crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are an inherent part of the long-term strategy of many US-companies.79 %