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Dutchman implanted Bitcoin payment chips in his hands

Dutchman use implant as a payment method

To use the crypto-currency Bitcoin contactless the dutch Martijn Wismeijer, cofounder of MrBitcoin, implanted a microchip in both of his hands. With the experiment he would like to promote the concept of the virtual wallet, Wismeijer said in an interview.

Video: The real value of Bitcoin

The real value of Bitcoin

In just 6 minutes everybody can have a clue about the real value of Bitcoin. The Video produced by a non profit initiative shows how Bitcoin and crypto-currencies at large open up new possibilities because blockchain technology will drastically change launches app for news and conversion

BTCxe Converter

Convert Bitcoin to the currency of your choice with just a few taps on your Smartphone – that’s what the new app from augur. The app was launched for Android users all over the world and the iPhone App

Dogecoin tipping tool gets 445,000 $

Dogecoin tipping tool

Quite an event for the team of the Dogetipbots: In a round of financing, managed by Blackbird Ventures from Australia, $ 445,000 were scored for the Dogecoin tipping tool that could be used at Reddit, Twitter and Twitch so far.

One-tap payments with BitPay

BitPay NFC one-tap payment

At the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas BitPay debut its new point-of-sale app Bitcoin Checkout which enable customers to make in-store payments. The app is available for all Android devices yet and BitPay plans to make it available for

Oh shit! Send poop in a box for Bitcoin

Start-up ShitExpress

The internet combined with the human fantasy could produce strange effects. The result of this shows a new start-up called ShitExpress. And here the name says it all. Just imagine there is a person, you don’t like or you hate.

Early adopters are at fault for fall in the price?

credit: wilhei55

In these days the Bitcoin community and the media discuss the fall in the Price of Bitcoin. Nearly everybody has his own opinion who to be fault for the negative trend. Some think that regulations like the BitLicence have a negative

“We want to build the 1st cryptocurrency bank!”


Banks and cryptocurrency – that’s not an easy partnership. The most finance institutions are more than doubtful about crypto-currrencies like Bitcoin and other altcoins. The german “Web 2.0” bank Fidor wants to change the situation in collaboration with Kraken. In

Taxi-booking app accept Bitcoin!

Taxi-booking app in Malaysia accept Bitcoin

Taxi-booking apps are one of the greatest inventions for our daily life. Wherever you are – just tip on your smartphone, order a taxi and pay it simple and fast with your credit card. Many other features are making apps