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Microsoft believes in Bitcoin

Microsoft believes in Bitcoin and the blockchain technology

Yesterday the news that Microsoft accept Bitcoin as a payment method for the windows store and the XBox went around the world. But that seems to be just a first step for Microsoft. Microsoft track aggressive plans with Bitcoin and

Happy Birthday Dogecoin!

Happy Birthday Dogecoin

Did you know that Dogecoin has arisen from a joke? It was the November, 28 2013 when the online marketer Jackson Palme made a joke on Twitter. He wrote “Investing in Dogecoin, pretty sure it’s the next big think” –

NY: Bitcoin sales are not taxable


Digital currencies are intangible assets and therefore not taxable! That’s a fact from the Tax Department Policy from December 5th. So if you buy Bitcoin you don’t have to pay sales tax. This decision comes along after a few months

Andreas Antonopoulos about the Future of Bitcoin

Andreas Antonopoulos is a public character in the Bitcoin universe and his recitals are always well-frequented. The Bitcoin entrepreneur always give interesting views about crypto-currencies and how to handle it. At the Toronto Bitcoin Expo 2014 he give an awsome

ChangeTip has announced $3.5 m in seed funding


It seems that ChangeTip, a social tipping startup, has the finger on the pulse. After a great media coverage they now announced $3.5 m in seed funding. Pantera Capital led the seed round with other participants like Bold Start Ventures

Bitcoin Giving Tuesday

Bitcoin Giving Tuesday

The Advent season is always a time where many non-profit organizations ask for donations. That’s also the season where people give gladly. But most of the people don’t spend a thought at the fact that also banks, credit card companies