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Do the people know Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is no longer a topic for nerds and investors. The daily press take up an issue on Bitcoin and more and more online and offline stores accept payments via Bitcoin. So Bitcoin arrived in the everyday life, right? No! For

LazyCoins demoed their Bitcoin app LazyPay

LazyPay demoed Bitcoin app

London, January 24, 2015 — LazyCoins demoed their killer Bitcoin app LazyPay at the BitcoinExpo 2015 in London last weekend. The company has spent months carefully and quietly planning to take the app public. Including running the payment and merchant

Do you know VeriCoin?

Vericoin altcoin

There are many altcoins out there. Some of them are boring, some of them are funny and some are interesting. We would like to intodruce the variety of crypto-currencies to you and take a look at some altcoins and there

Coinbase: First regulated Bitcoin Exchange in the U.S.


After the successful funding round which brought $75 million to the company, Coinbase make the next big step and revealed that they will open the first regulated bitcoin exchange in the U.S. today. Coinbase declared that it has the regulatory

Gemini: Wiklevoss brothers open own exchange!

A next generation Bitcoin exchange build from the Winklevoss Twins

A next generation Bitcoin exchange – so the Winklevoss Twins describe their new project, a Bitcoin exchange that will be listed on NASDAQ. Based in New York the exchange will be fully compliant and fully regulated for people and institutions.

Coinbase makes history!

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Everyone talks about the negative aspects of Bitcoin in these days. The slumps cause for negative headlines and the gloom is appreciable. But Bitcoin is not dead and there are positive headlines, too. For example from Coinbase. The Bitcoin startup

Blockchain: The technology of the future?

Blockchain: The technology of the future?

With Bitcoin not only a new payment method was born – there was also a new technology, the blockchain, which could open up new perspectives in many ways. In the beginning the technology was of second rank but in the

Changetip now supports Facebook


We talk about Changetip, a microtransaction startup, for several times and are enthusiastic about the possibilities the service affords. Now Changetip makes the next big step and allows people to send tips over Facebook. So Changetip could not only be

Bitcoin’s true believers at CES 2015

Interview with BitPay cofounder Tony Gallippi

The news about Bitcoin are not good this days. But when it goes bad, things can only get better! Blessedly there are some really true believers in Bitcoin out there and they watch the market and thought about the possibilities that

Ban of Bitcoin sites in Russia

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Is it the beginning of a ban on using Bitcoin in Russia? The russian telecommunications regulator blocked the access to five Bitcoin sites becaus he think that Bitcoin contributes to the growth of the shadow community. Beside the oil prices