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The state of digital money

the state of digital money

The future of currency and financial activities in a developing global economy is the topic of “The State Of Digital Money”, an event in Los Angeles on April 18th, 2015. Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and others are challenging the entire global

Why you should accept Bitcoin in your online shop

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In the past more and more online shops like Dell, Expedia and many more began to accept Bitcoins as a payment method. It’s important for the crypto-currency that such big brands use the possibilities of Bitcoin to make the currency

7-Eleven Mexico launches own virtual currency

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As a part of their loyalty program, 7-Eleven Mexico launches the “Big Coin” – its own virtual currency. With this the company will engage the customer to use the online presence and interact with the brand. The customers could get

Bitcoin price dropped? Relax and smile

Ups and downs in the Bitcoin price

The Bitcoin price dropped again and everywhere you can read about possible reasons for it and the impacts that this could have. But to tell the truth… it’s not really a big thing and we all be sure (at the

NETELLER implemented Bitcoin


NETELLER, payment processor and prepaid card provider from the Isle of Man, implemented finally Bitcoin as a payment method. Many users around the world were waiting for the choice to load their online banking accounts and prepaid cards with the

T-Mobile Poland: 20% Discount for Bitcoin Purchases


T-Mobile Poland, one of the largest mobile operators, offers customers a 20 percent discount for Bitcoin purchases in a test. In cooperation with the Warsaw-baced Bitcoin Payment processor InPay, T-Mobile Poland is the first telecommunication company which tests Bitcoin payments.

Rakuten will accept Bitcoin soon

photo credit: jurvetson

Rakuten is Japan’s largest online retail firm with global marketplaces. Now the company announced, that they will accept Bitcoin soon by putting its investment in Bitnet. Bitnet is a startup which was founded by ex-Visa executives and raised $14,5 million

Virtual Fair: Mind the Gap Expo

On April, 10th, the first virtual Bitcoin fair takes place. Hundreds of developers, banker, financial specialists and Bitcoin enthusiasts will participate and looking forward to a day oft Q/A sessions, digital brochures, video-tutorials, live chats and more. It’s also possible

Rumors: IBM will adopt bitcoin technology for major currencies

credit: PerfectHue

As Reuters reported, IMB would like to adopting the blockchain technology, which is behind Bitcoin, to create a payment system for major currencies. The system would allow people to transfer their money or make instantly payments without a bank or

From Darkcoin to Dash?


Is a complete re-branding of Darkcoin a good idea? Creator Evan Duffield seems to think so. To gain wider acceptance he will give Darkcoin a new branding. But not everyone in the community is happy about this. After a post