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“Crypto-currencies are a toxic culture”

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  The dogecoin founder and Adobe Manager Jackson Palmer has now announcedto dissociate himself from the scene of the crypto currencies. The economic system he calls “toxic”. He with his passions would not give up his private life, to attract

Russian Bitcoin exchange published source code

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In response to the crackdown by the Russian government against Bitcoin and other digital currencies, a Bitcoin exchange now published its own source code in the Bitcoin Talk Forum and at Reddit. The exchange justified the action with that they

Mt. Gox allow refund requests

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Users of the more than a year closed Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox can now collect lost deposits for claims. According to bankruptcy trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi a form is available therefore. And it can also be completed online. For the settlement

Austrian Bitcoin start-up integrates NETELLER


The european Bitcoin gateway Coinimal now offers NETELLER as payment method. This step means that for the first time a Bitcoin merchant works with NETELLER. The Coinimal GmbH, a young start-up based in Vienna, Austria, announced this landmark collaboration with

The Bitcoin Phenomenon


Bitcoin is not only a “digital thing”. For people who work and live with the crypto-currency it’s even more. It’s a kind of lifestyle, it’s a kind of a revolution. In “The Bitcoin Phenomenon” Bitcoin enthusiasts talks about their experience

Actions against swiss manufacturer of Bitcoin hardware

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Bitmine is a manufacturer for Bitcoin mining hardware based in Switzerland. Currently, the company is inundated with complaints from customers. The allegation is the swiss company had not delivered the goods ordered and pre-paid and paid no refunds. The alleged

Tell your Bitcoin story and win 1 Bitcoin

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Strictly speaking Bitcoin is only a currency but in the field it’s a kind of lifestyle for the most of us. And so everyone has his own personal Bitcoin story, which tell the beginning and living with the crypto-currency. The

MTGox: Investigations indicate insider act

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It seems that the investigations about the MTGox desaster could come to a soon end. The reports from the investigators shows, that only one per cent of the losses can be attributed to hacker attacks. The investigation of the Tokyo

Happy Easter!

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Bitcoin April Fools

April Fools inside!

On the 1st of April it’s exhausting to read news. April fools hide everywhere and some of them are easy to identify and others are produced so professional, that a deeper thought is necessary. We looked around and catch the