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Goodgames Studios now accept Bitcoin!

photo credit: jurvetson

Goodgame Studios is one of the leaders in the online gaming industry. Yesterday Goodgame announced its partnership with the Bitcoin payment processor BitPay and simultaneously the resulting Bitcoin acceptance. Goodgame Studios integrates Bitcoin payments for in-app purchases of the most

Bitcoin: Stress test passed

bitcoin network

The Bitcoin network has an unannounced stress test unscathed survived without major incident, although the company responsible for the stress test could only ship 15% of the originally planned transaction volume. Behind the stress test was the Bitcoin platform emits first blockchain bond

blockchain börse

Experts see great potential for the Bitcoin technology – not only as a payment method, but also for the far-consuming settlement of securities transactions. The online retailer tried it now in practice. The noted online retailer continues his

Video: How to Set Up a Bitcoin Mining Rig

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The best times for mining Bitcoins are over? Perhaps – but it is still a good way to get Bitcoins. When you are interested in mining the crypto-currency, this video could be helpful. It shows, how you can set up

Santander interested in Bitcoin

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Many banks are technologically still in the Stone Age. Santander now wants to take the plunge into the digital modernity. Bitcoin is to help her. Banks seem to have slept through the digital revolution really. Especially in the “struggle for

1st Bitcoin ATM in Vienna


In the ‘Cafe Gretel’ at the Vienna Mariahilferstrasse is a new ATM – namely the first of its kind in the Austrian capital city, as the operator warrant. Bitcoins are issued there. After insertion of the desired amount of cash

Buy film tickets with Bitcoin


Press release: Moviegoers can purchase tickets for DOPE using digital currency Bitcoin exclusively through For the upcoming nationwide release of the highly anticipated comedy DOPE, Open Road Films has partnered with, and the leading international payment platform GoCoin

Switzerland: No VAT on Bitcoins


The Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) has good news for the Bitcoin community: Due to the fact that goods are bought with Bitcoin as a currency, Switzerland sees no reason to be backed digital currency to VAT. The announcement is

Cash injection for OpenBazaar


OpenBazaar has focused on Bitcoin as payment to continue and establish the advance peer-to-peer e-commerce industry – almost like a decentralized eBay what payments based on Bitcoin. After OpenBazaar has won (back then still under the name “Dark Market”) the

Great Video: Bitcoin explained in 5 minutes!

Bitcoin explained in 5 minutes

Have you ever tried to explain to someone Bitcoin? That’s not so easy, right?And even harder it is, this is also to be brief and not to fall into endless explanations. All the more impressive it is to see how