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Bitcoin: ETN is not ETF

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The message on a first ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) for the digital currency Bitcoin has spread quickly. But in fact, it is an ETN (Exchange Traded Note). About the sustained success of cryptocurrency Bitcoin will decide in addition to their

Growing Bitcoin scene in Argentina


In Argentina, a small but steadily growing group of entrepreneurs and individuals use digital currency Bitcoin for financial transactions outside the established banking system, reports the “New York Times Magazine” and the “Financial Times”. For the Bitcoin users it is

First major banks welcome Bitcoin

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Because of fears, Bitcoin could damage the traditional financial system, the major banks have initially understandably rebelled against the digital currency and their skepticism manifested publicly. Also the slowly burgeoning interest of banks is less than the Bitcoin currency, but

Bitcoin vs. Gold


After it became known that the Chinese gold reserves are far lower than previously thought, the gold price fell quite waver. Gold was thought to be the safest protection against inflation and usually has steadily increased in value, even if

Bitcoin is no longer anonymous


Countries like Saudi Arabia or Egypt are apparently able to break through the anonymity of the digital currency Bitcoin. This is apparent from documents of chopped Italian State Trojan Hacking Developer team that have surfaced on the net. Accordingly, the

Bitcoin Crowdfunding with mToto


The Rlabs makes it now with her mToto Bitcoin crowdfunding platfom possible to support projects and business ideas with Bitcoin. This is an initiative between Uusi and RLabs which aims underserved educational and health centers in underserved companies in South

Video: Simon Dingle – Bitcoin, present and future

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The Bitcoin Africa Conference is a great event with lots of interesting speaker and participants. Some of the lectures from the event are now online on Youtube and we found the lecture of Simon Dingle, who spoke about the present

Bitcoin Spam Attacks


New information about the spam attack has come to light. The hacker group that recently inundated the Bitcoin network with transactions and a stress test exposed, it seems now to the journalistic nonprofit organization Wikileaks apart to have. Thousands Bitcoin

Citibank test the Citicoin

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Citibank recently announced to have built a test platform for developing its own digital currency. On Tuesday, the International Business Times published an article confirming the intention of the bank. Citibank have now completed the preparations and have finished the

Invalid Bitcoin blocks cause problems

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The makers of the Bitcoin software warn their users against that since July 4, some miners dig invalid blocks. Thanks outdated wallets arises the risk of invalid certificates for users of crypto currency. But there are workarounds. The problem concerns