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Blockchain technology could secure digital rights

digital rights

Is something once on the Internet, then the impact on what happens to it is relatively low. A Berlin-based start-up wants to solve the problem with the blockchain technology, because that can do more than just manage digital money. The

Developer dispute may lead to chaos


The Bitcoin core team argues about the future of digital currency. Two developers are trying to impose their strategy with the release of a separate software version. They risk the big chaos. For six years, you can take the virtual

Bitcoin price decline: the market wobbles

Ups and downs in the Bitcoin price

Based in Hong Kong stock market caused only last week a Flash Crash and paused yesterday morning again all trades for 7 hours. The Bitfinex Bitcoin price slumped on promptly by 3.8% from before the stock exchange at 12:31 UTC

Visa explored Bitcoin

visa card

A new report says the credit card company Visa will soon begin to explore Bitcoin and the digital currency underlying blockchain technology in more detail. In an interview with the Indian online magazine Livemint said the Visa vice president of

Wall Street loses top people at Bitcoin startups


With his doctorate in finance Timo Schläfer would have a good chance by Goldman Sachs. But the 34-year-old gave up the world of billion dollar deals and million bonuses and founded his own company, Crypto facilities, a trading platform for

Bitmine goes bankrupt


Dubious business with Bitcoin computers headlined a news magazine already in March 2014 on the Ticino company Bitmine. Now Bitmine is broke and has filed for bankruptcy, as the company wrote in an open letter on his website. Bitmine sold