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Bitcoin exceeds $ 300 mark


After a steady increase since mid-September the Bitcoin rises on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) today to $ 300. July 13 was the last time when the Bitcoin price exceeded $ 300 limit. He reached at the time a

American Express invest in Bitcoin

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In the world of Bitcoin, it always comes back to surprises. So could be heard on several occasions in recent weeks that banks have increasingly interested in the crypto currency and the technology behind it. And now also the first

OpenCart Plugin for Shop Integration

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The European payment processor announced that it has developed a plugin for online shops based on OpenCart. For online shops in the future it’s possible to accepat Bitcoin payments with just a few clicks and minimal effort. OpenCart is

Europe: Bitcoin exchange VAT-free


On the exchange of the virtual currency Bitcoin falls after an EU ruling no VAT. In this regard, the crypto-currency is to be treated as other means of payment, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) (C-264 Case / 14) decided

Scientists want to make blockchain safer

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What scientists as entrepreneurs fascinated on Bitcoin, is the real innovation behind it: the blockchain – a kind of official online booking system in which from the beginning every Bitcoin transaction is recorded. Not least because of the data structure,

Bitcoin bank accounts of companies arbitrarily closed?


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has confirmed the review of some banks in the country. Credit institutions are under suspicion that they have arbitrarily closed some accounts of Bitcoin companies. In an interview with the Austrlian Financial Review

Miners Center makes attractive offer

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Miners Center Inc., a resident in Delaware dealer of cryptocurrency, announced that it has submitted an offer for bitcoin sellers, while at the same time announced his new policy and projects for investments with cryptocurrency. The company announced a highly

Yakuna closes Bitcoin Exchange


The European Bitcoin Exchange Yacuna will close his service in November. The news came via e-mail and was sent to all users of the platform. At the same time called for all the users to Yacuna to differentiate their remaining

Gaming giant G2A now accept Bitcoin


G2A.COM, the fastest growing digital gaming marketplace in the world, has invested in the past two years more than 20 million Euros in research and development in order in the face of 6 million individual users over 5 million transactions

Poland calls for EU-wide Bitcoin regulation


Poland’s Ministry of Finance commented on Bitcoin and says that digital currencies due to the transboundary characteristics at EU level should be regulated. The written statement was written on request from the two parliamentary members (MPs) Jan Warzecha and Bogdan