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Mine Bitcoin with just one payment

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BITMIN is offering a new pool mining opportunity where people can see a real return. The crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo with a target to raise $50,000. Rewards are offered that include ‘Get BITMIN share worth $500 and

Ingenico allows worldwide payment via Bitcoin

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Through a new partnership between Bitpay and Ingenico customers in thousands of shops, use the terminals of Ingenico, can pay with Bitcoins. Having lately rather smaller projects with Bitcoins were realized, however, the banks had raised their hand, now an

Approval has been granted for Gemini


The New York State Department of Financial Authority Financial Services (DFS) now has issued an approval to the Bitcoin Exchange Gemini. Thus, the third approved by DFS Bitcoin platform can start its trading platform by the Circle and ItBit this

A transaction server that not requires faith?

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Stash from Texas demoted the server to a notary. The combination of Bitcoin and Open Transactions will allow any number of transactions, without requiring the user to trust someone. Is the solution to the problem thus blocksize in sight? Transactions

Predict the Bitcoin Price With Google


It sounds unbelievable, but a new study claims to have found that the Google search can predict the Bitcoin price. Students from the University of Caliari (Italy) have examined and compared accurately the USD trading volume and the Google Trends

Bitcoin is a currency for criminals

cyber attack

In his latest report on Internet organized crime in 2015 Europol refers again position to cybercriminals. This time reference is also aware of digital currencies. For fabled 40 percent of transactions for crimes on the Internet should have become used

Raspberry Pi as Bitcoin computer


Under the simple name of “The 21 Bitcoin Computer” the US company “21 Inc” will bring out a work based on the minicomputer Bitcoin system. The device will be available from the middle of this month. What all is possible