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Bitcoin Black Friday


It’s only three years ago that the Bitcoin Black Friday made its debut – but we all won’t live without him. As its start only 20 merchants supporting the campaign, in the second year 600 merchants participate and the sales

Satoshi Nakamoto nominated for Economics Nobel Prize


So far, no one knows who is behind the Bitcoin inventors Satoshi Nakamoto. A US professor has nominated this phantom nevertheless for the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics often referred to as Economics Nobel Prize. Bitcoin inventors Satoshi Nakamoto

Santander Bank is planning block chain competition


The $ 100 million funding pot strong Santander Innoventures for venture capital investments in Fintech Startups want to organize a block chain competition. Santander Innoventures cooperates with startup agency OneVest to offer the so-called Distributed Ledger (DL) Challenge (dt .:

Unicode Consortium gives Bitcoin its own code-point


Bitcoin has a step accomplished more in his march through the institutions – recently BTC is officially a currency signs – like € or $. At the first attempt of the application was the absence of proliferation proof still flunked.

Bitcoin price explodes


The virtual currency Bitcoin is striking with its veritable comeback: On Wednesday, the price increased by a whopping 25 percent, reaching for the first time since the summer of last year, the mark of US $ 500. This Bitcoin presented

Austrian software for Bitcoin ATM starts

mattbionic is the first Austrian IT company that makes software for Bitcoin ATMs. With their business office in the second district of Vienna a Bitcoin ATM is installed, where everyone can purchase at the rapid and simple Bitcoins. Also unique:

VPRO Backlight: The Bitcoin Gospel

Screenshot (2)

There are many videos about Bitcoin out there and many people tried to explain the pros of the crypto-currency. Also the importance of Bitcoin for banking and the way we pay for something is always an issue. With the new