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PrivatBank Ukraine supports Bitcoin payments


The largest bank in the Ukraine, the PrivatBank, allows retailers immediately to accept Bitcoin payments. According to a report of the magazine PSM7 alleging that payments be converted directly into a fiat currency and credited to the account of the

For all those interested in Bitcoin

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In recent days, the Google searches for the term Bitcoin rise by 150 percent! Apparently the eventual revelation of the mysterious Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto has aroused the curiosity of many, and they are now trying to find out what

Craig Wright not Bitcoin inventor?


The supposedly real Satoshi Nakamoto said he is not the Australian Craig Wright in a post in the Bitcoin developer mailing list.The email is from, which is largely attributed to Satoshi. The message is not authenticated and it is

Bitcoin benefits from possible Satoshi unveiling

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With a sudden growth of 16.50 US dollars in just 15 minutes the Bitcoin price jumped last night by a few percentage points higher. The price rally began at 11:15 pm UTC and ended at midnight, after the price reached

Bitcoin inventor unmasked?


Behind the Bitcoin foundation is a person with the name “Satoshi Nakamoto”, which is widely regarded as a pseudonym. Now journalists believe again, to have unmasked the mysterious inventor of the digital currency Bitcoin. The magazine “Wired” and the website

Bitcoin reached new monthly high

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The price per Bitcoin was yesterday the first time after 4 weeks to crack the 400 dollars mark, thus reaching a new monthly high. The high of 402.30 US dollars on 06 December was not seen since 05 November. Exactly

Goldman Sachs plans own crypto-currency

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The US investment bank Goldman Sachs is planning its own virtual currency to facilitate trade in financial products such as stocks and bonds. The currency should be called SETLcoin, Goldman Sachs said in a letter to the US regulators on

Hacker blackmail banks and ask for Bitcoin

cyber attack

Three Greek banks were attacked within a short time three times by hackers. Each bank should pay around seven million euros as protection money. The websites of banks were temporarily paralyzed. Cyber attack on Greek banks: Three banks were attacked

New high for the Bitcoin trading volume

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The Bitcoin trading volume has reached a new record high. According to the Bitcoin platform Bitcoinity the new record has been reached on November 26, as at all Bitcoin exchanges detected by the data provider total 2.86 million Bitcoins were