Monthly Archives: January 2016

Zcash starts with anonymous payment solution


Zcash wants to earn money with anonymous payments. Unlike many other providers of Bitcoin solutions Zcash is not only interested on the distribution of currency – it will thus make money. Meaning the startup plans, with eleven percent to tax

50 Million USD for Blockchain Startup


In a new round of financing has the blockchain startup, Digital Asset Holdings, which is led by former JP Morgan Executive Blythe Masters, collect more than 50 million US dollars. The company announced that the fundraising, in which 13 finance

China plans to introduce a national digital currency


China wants to bring a official state digital currency at the start – as competition for non-state virtual currency Bitcoin. At a symposium on digital currencies in Beijing, the Chinese central bank announced that the new currency would be easier

Bitcoin money laundering ring crushed


In the Netherlands ten suspects were arrested, the native of online drug trade Bitcoins are said to have washed. The message, according to the authorities found in several Dutch cities raids instead. Overall, the ring should have funneled money 15-20

Blockchain: “It’s going to radically transform our society’s institutions”


Don Tapscott, a leading theorist of the digital age, explains why the blockchain technology will fundamentally transform the institutions our societies are built upon. Because the blockchain technology powers the digital currency Bitcoin, it will not only affect how business

“Bitcoin has failed”


Former Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn expects in a detailed blog post from the crypto-currency and explains why the project is in his opinion failed. The key is a change in the formerly transparent and open community in recent months, which

The blockchain grows


The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin gets an update. Because more and more transactions are written to the blockchain, the court in the previous blocks became scarce. That is why there is now more space – but also criticism. With Bitcoin

Ypsilon.Net brings Bitcoins in the tourism


Ypsilon.Net brings Bitcoins as payment in the tourism industry. Thanks to a partnership with the world leader BitPay thousands of travel agencies for bookings made through an operated by Ypsilon.Net platform can accept Bitcoin payments from their customers worldwide. The

Netflix open to Bitcoin?


During the 2016 Internet, Media and Telecommunications Conference on January 06, came for the Netflix CFO David Wells also the subject of Bitcoin on the table. Here he was asked about the teething problems of payment services in Latin America.

New field of study: Bitcoin Engeneering


The Stanford University is making headlines with a new field of study: Since the January 4, 2016, you can study at Stanford “Bitcoin Engineering”. The subject is a modification from the program “Cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and Smart Contracts” This course