Monthly Archives: January 2016

Spurred China the current Bitcoin rise?


The Bitcoin course has allowed to experience a small price jump at the beginning of the year. The reason for the price increase is probably prompt repeated to find in China. The day before yesterday the Bitcoin price rises within

Coinimal allows to pay with Bitcoin on Amazon


The Austrian start-up Coinimal is now offering a new service. In addition to offering eight different payment methods such as PayPal, immediately or EPS, customers can get in exchange for Bitcoins now vouchers. This Coinimal offers a completely new

Mike Tyson launches Bitcoin wallet


Boxing champion is interested in the Bitcoin market. Last year he sponsored an ATM, which allows users to convert their money into Bitcoin, with the use of his fame and this year he is taking a further step in the

Visa emphasized the importance of Bitcoin and blockchain

visa card

Visa Europe said at the end of the year once again in retrospect on the year the importance of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology and expressed suspicions about the fact that the traditional financial system will very soon adapt the