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Will Japan regulate Bitcoin?


Japanese regulators think about accepting digital currencies like Bitcoin legally as payment. This digital currencies in Japan would be then a legally equivalent to conventional currencies such as the Yen. The Japanese magazine Nikkei reported that the Japanese Financial Services

Bitcoin protocol 0.12


The Bitcoin protocol is available in a new version 0.12. Thanks to some optimizations it should work more efficiently now. ECDSA Signature validated Bitcoin 0.12 not by Open SSL, but with the help of library Libsecp256k1. On 64-bit machines, the

Bitchain presents Bitcoin Wallet

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The e-wallet Chip-Chap allows its users a hitherto unparalleled range of activities: from the purchase and conversion of Bitcoins on mobile numbers and transfer, to the use of different payment systems. The e-wallet Chip-Chap is a digital system that combines

Blockchain as a Service

Microsoft believes in Bitcoin and the blockchain technology

While the Bitcoin community currently splits into two camps, the software provide discover the underlying technology blockchain. Microsoft is working since last year on establishing “Blockchain as a Service” and wants to become an important part of the cloud computing

Blockchain solution for international transfers

blockchain börse

The South Korean KB Kookmin Bank is working on a blockchain solution for international transfers, to provide safer and faster cross-border transactions. The commercial bank is cooperating with the Bitcoin Startup CoinPplug so that it can use its patents for

Price of Bitcoin rival Ether explodes


The prodigy of the crypto community, who is living in Switzerland Vitalik Buterin, is working on the super project Ethereum and has specially launched a new crypto currency that bears the name of ether. And this currency goes straight through

Australia’s banks boycott Apple Pay and help Bitcoin


The mobile payment sector seething because any business, banks and any financial institution is trying to start their platform in the near future. In Australia it will go for Apple Pay no means smooth, because the major banks of the

App to calculate optimal transaction fees

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The manufacturer of the legendary Bitcoin computer, 21 Inc, has launched a free web application for calculating the optimal transaction fee at the start. The app should show the user to predict how quickly a transaction is carried out for

Will Steam integrate Bitcoin for payment?

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Valve plans apparently also to offer the virtual currency Bitcoins as payment on its digital distribution and gaming platform Steam soon. The returns from some new entries to the translation servers the portal, on which a user of the social

Brussels will fight against Bitcoin


The EU says anonymous cash on the Internet to fight back. Brussels has presented an action plan to help combat the financing of terrorist organizations. A central component: the end of the anonymity of crypto currencies like the Bitcoin. But