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Bitcoin and the Banks – Five Stages of Grief by Andreas M. Antonopoulos


Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a well known name in the Bitcoin industry. As an expert he held many inspiring presentations in the past. In this talk, Andreas examines the rise of “the blockchain” as an attempt by the banking status

Price differences on Bitcoin exchanges


Two analyzers of the New York Federal Reserve Bank (FED) have published a report examining how to lead the frictions between Bitcoin trading venues to price differentials. They come to the conclusion that the exchange fees discourage potential arbitrage trading.

Pey wants to make salary transformations in Bitcoin possible


Companies that want to pay their employees a portion of the salary as Bitcoin, can test a new service of Startups Pey. The german Startup Pey will make it easier for companies to pay part of the salary in Bitcoin

Elliptic received a $ 5 million investment


Specializes in the monitoring of Bitcoin transactions Startup Elliptic has received a 5 million US dollar heavy investment in an A-round financing. The donor is a private equity company with close contacts to the US Defense Department and the Secret

Bitcoin transactions in the queue


The crypto-currency system Bitcoin is not designed for large volumes, which now reached. Now presented the so far theoretical problem in practice. The from experts long predicted problem with Bitcoin is now actually occurred: the number of transactions exceeded the

Speculators jump on at Ether


The crypto-currencies gold rush is back. After the hype around the Bitcoin a new digital money creation electrified the network: Ether. Since the beginning of the course of the little-known currency raise from less than 1 Euro to almost 10

Microsoft rowing back

Microsoft believes in Bitcoin and the blockchain technology

Yesterday we wrote about Microsoft is finishing it’s Bitcoin experiment. Today everything looks very different! Microsoft has published an “erroneous” Statement on Bitcoin support. But as a payment we can not select the cryptocurrency yet .Microsoft has removed the support

Microsoft finished Bitcoin Experiment

Microsoft believes in Bitcoin and the blockchain technology

Microsoft has set its experiment with Bitcoin payments partially which was launched end of 2014. Immediately it accepts the crypto currency no longer on the purchase of software or hardware and not the acquisition of music or videos on the

Brexit negative for Bitcoin?


For a long time the rumor mill to the withdrawal from the EU from Britain. An increasingly unstable economy in the European Union, not least caused by the crisis in Greece, presses on all its members. Economic problems in Greece

Tel Aviv’s Bitcoin Ambassador


It began with a joke. One day about three years ago, the architect Ayal Segev hung the sign “Bitcoin Embassy” “on a whim” to his Tel Aviv office. The reaction of users of virtual currency had not reckoned. “At one