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Are core developers a risk for Bitcoin?


Brian Armstrong, CEO of Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase, said on Friday the core development team behind Bitcoin could be the greatest systemic threat for the Bitcoin network. Armstrong commented on the issue in a blog post after the Satoshi Roundtable of

Blackmail Trojans: City Council paid 1.3 Bitcoin


An infection with the Trojans Teslacrypt laid in February paralyzed the IT systems of the Bavarian town Dettelbach. The administration chose the ransom to pay – and can now be at least partially back to their data. Still rampant extortion

Is Bitcoin too slow and expensive?

Screenshot (1)

Today I saw an interesting video about the fact that Bitcoin is not so fast and keen as always was said. What’s your opinion to that? The description to the ┬ávideo: It’s true — in almost every metric besides general

Japan: Legislation requires exemption for Bitcoin


A deputy of the ruling party in Japan called loudly local news on to exempt Bitcoin from 8% excise duty. The issue was the subject of the budget debate which was on February 5, held in the lower house of

Free Bitcoin Textbook


What exactly is the Bitcoin technology, how it works, what it can and can not do? A new textbook answers these questions – and it’s even free. Six professors and researchers from prestigious US universities have released a free textbook