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Will there be soon State Coins?

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Because more and more people no longer pay with cash, but electronically, respond central banks: They could issue its own digital currency. The major central banks are preparing to a world without cash. According to information of central bank circles

291 Bitcoin transaction fee


Probably accidentally a Bitcoin user paid a transaction fee of 291 Bitcoin for a mini transaction. The mining pool who earned this now search for the author. The Mining Pool Bitclub looking for an unknown person who has most likely

Bitstamp receives EU license


The third largest Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp received a license for Luxembourg. She gives her the opportunity from July 1 to be active in all 28 EU countries, as Forbes reports. A “milestone for Bitcoin and digital Finance in Europe” called

Steam will accept Bitcoins

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Here and there some newsmagazines are writing about the possible end of Bitcoin. We all know these kinds of article and they come from time to time when the Bitcoin price is more or less solid and so news about

Ransomware steals Bitcoin


Proofpoint discovered at the end of March a new ransomware that does a lot more, than “just” encrypt files. CryptXXX is spread via infected websites. Who the malware captures itself, which must not only fear of having to pay a

Is Onecoin a Bitcoin alternative?

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Bitcoin is the oldest and still largest pure digital currency. Someone who claims to want to make the competition, is Onecoin. These were established by the Bulgarian businesswoman Ruja Ignatova who did doctorate in Konstanz in law. The company is

Swiss dig in Alps after Bitcoin competition


Back in Glarnerland for more than a yearthe computer server farm have been running hot. They help to secure the network of the digital currency Bitcoin. Now expand the previous operator of this so-called Bitcoin mining. The company Crypto Cash

Austria warns against fraudulent Bitcoin parties


2015 increased the number of ads related to cybercrime throughout Austria by 11.6 percent, to 10,010 beefs. In the majority of reports is Internet fraud, according to the crime statistics. Currently proposes the Financial Market Authority (FMA) alarm at an

Bitcoin: Traders are bored


With a virtually unchanged volume of trade Bitcoin was traded in the last 8 days very stable 415-425 US Dollars. Some experts say the long lasting price stability and low volatility of the digital currency bored a lot of the

pH Miners Inc. offers discounts for Mining Hardware

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Two new cryptocurrency miners from pH Miners Inc. are making it easier for users to process digital transactions and keep track of the release of new digital coins. The highly powerful miners have been developed for Bitcoin and Litecoin, two