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KnCMiner is bankrupt

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Once the mining company was one of the fastest growing in the industry. Now the bankruptcy and receivership marked probably the last phase for KnC that with consumer-friendly mining products took 2013, the ecosystem of Bitcoin and other digital currencies

Bitcoin price eplodes


It was the calm before the storm. For weeks, the value of digital currency Bitcoin had hardly changed. The industry speculated already have a price jump either up or down for a reason: In a few weeks it comes to

Bitcoin: innovative, criminal, brilliant?

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Bitcoin and blockchain technology are mentioned everywhere in the media and described alternately as disruptive, innovative, criminal, brilliant, and the future of financial technology. This keynote will separate the reality from the hype, covering a brief history, current uses and

Rumor denied: Overstock continues Bitcoin payment

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Last week was the rumor circulating that the online retailer Overstock accept no more Bitcoins as payment. But this is not the case, because it is still possible on the homepage to make its purchases via Bitcoin and here is

How the Bitcoin price accrues


Bitcoin is organized consistently with no central authority. Thus, there is no official Bitcoin price – the price of the virtual crypto-currency is determined locally and reflects the current consensus of buyers and sellers resist. Bitcoins are mainly traded on

No Bitcoin-Ban in Russia

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In Russia Bitcoins should be classified as so-called alternative money (original term money surrogates). Thus they received a status that is seen by government departments and agencies as a privatized currency. This is frowned upon in turn. The draft law

Is Bitcoin the future or not?

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When you search for informations about Bitcoins, it’s very dificult to understand if Bitcoin is the currency of the future or just another digital revolution which includes a lot of mistakes and is so not safe enough for the future.

Mining Pool donates to high transaction fee

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As reported some time ago, 291 Bitcoin transaction fee a user had probably inadvertently settled a transaction. The Mining Pool Bitclub wanted to repay that, but now donates half the money. Calling the Bitcoin mining pool Bitclub to the author

Theft at Exchange Platform Gatecoin

cyber attack

During a break-in at the cryptocurrency platform Gatecoin more than two million Dollars were stolen in Bitcoin and Ether. Currently, all accounts are frozen and it is working on a plan of how to compensate investors. That virtual currencies are

Alleged Bitcoin inventors doesn’t want to submit new evidence


The confusion surrounding the alleged inventor of the digital currency Bitcoin is still a lot bigger. The Australian businessman Craig Wright, who earlier this week said he had Bitcoin developed under the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”, doesn’t want to submit new