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Taiwan could become a Bitcoin Tourist Hotspot


The internationality of Bitcoins is more than just a property that is written on the banner of crypto currency. As show various locations in the world, can develop a regional Bitcoin economy and make it to “Bitcoin Cities”, in which

US overseer warn of problems with Bitcoins


When the Bitcoin price raise up, it is also again increasingly pointed to problems and dangers that may arise with the use of Bitcoin. Pushes the technology behind the Bitcoins already reached their limits? A report by the US financial

Brexit pushes Bitcoin price up


The British citizens have voted and the withdrawal from the EU seems set in stone. 51.9% of Britons have voted in favor of a Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union and thus an exit from the

Craig Wright wants to own Bitcoin


The Australian Craig Wright tried to build a large collection of patents around Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Wright had said in May, to be the legendary Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. He could not prove it but. Unlike its apart in

Brexit risk positive for Bitcoin?


The highly anticipated Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union vote will be held on June 2. Currently, polls show that nearly equal numbers of many people are for remaining as compared to against the remain in

Ether: $ 50 million stolen

cyber attack

There is a bank robbery of modern varieties: The technology, which should be regarded as “invulnerable” was hit by a heavy blow. The ether price fell massively. Criminals have, according to a media report captures online virtual currency worth more

After decoupling of Bitcoin: Ether-price reaches record high


The price per Ether reached on June 14, the first time a new peak near the 20 Dollars mark. The digital token Ethereum seems to have escaped the old trading pattern and is currently seeking to escape upwards. In recent

Will the Fedcoin come soon?


For a long time central banks were not tired, the Bitcoin and other digital payment technologies dead to speak. But now they will probably be overtaken by reality.Despite various setbacks, the Bitcoin is enjoying increasing popularity. Had late 2012 User

Corporation of Bitspark and Vitaxel Group


Malaysia seems to be interested in Bitcoin and Fin-Techs increasingly. Thanks to a new partnership between Bitspark and Vitaxel Group Bitcoin payments are soon available in the Malaysian market. Most people who use Bitcoin and digital currencies and observe the

Bitcoin has tripled its value since last year

credit: IMG_3522

Although the crypto money Bitcoin is gaining in popularity and has gained in May alone against the euro to a fifth of its value – a mass phenomenon, the digital currency has not been made as before. Just of the