Monthly Archives: July 2016

Ethereum price increases surprisingly


At the end of June had Hacker existing only in the block chain DAO (the first decentralized autonomous organization) stolen 3.6 million units of crypto currency and Bitcoin Alternative ether worth over 40 million euros. The Ethereum course broke then

US judge: Bitcoin no currency, thus no money laundering possible


In a trial in the US of judges Bitcoin has not considered currency, may have so that there was no money laundering. Instead, the judge classified Bitcoin as a normal property of the accused. The trial in which the judge

Major investors rely on Bitcoin


According to some statements to flow more and more large investors in Bitcoin. However, these are mainly to gossip floating around the Internet for some time. Really durable are just a few of these statements. At the core of these

Bitcoin soon foreign currency in Russia?


A representative of the Russian Ministry of Finance announced changes to the legislation. So it is legally still be prohibited Bitcoin within the country to use, but should be worked out to see him as a foreign currency. The Deputy

Bitcoin: Satoshipay cooperates with Visa

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The Berlin-based startup Satoshipay expanding its nano payment system with new functions. A collaboration with Visa is scheduled to dock to the card network, the block chain technology. The Startup Satoshipay cooperates with Visa and expanding its micro-payment technology further. With

Western Union will fight against Bitcoin

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The global payment service Western Union has launched a new platform that allows business customers to receive payments within a few minutes.The increasing competition from digital currency market has Western Union apparently urged to bring a new service called WU

Bitcoin more stable than Pound after Brexit


After the election of the United Kingdom for the withdrawal from the European Union, Bitcoin was more stable than the British pound. During the days just before and immediately after the Brexit, increased the instability of the British pound, while

Bitcoin theft by Pokemon malware


The media hype is real! Since Pokemon Go is available, it has already overtaken the popular dating app Tinder and now approaches Twitter. Users of Bitcoin wallets should however be careful. The social media are flooded with news and insider

Lightning Network: Bitcoin as a micropayment


The Lightning-Network an opportunity should be created to run Bitcoin transactions without delay. This could be an extremely important step for the crypto currency. No other technology has attracted in recent years, such a stir as Bitcoin. Despite all the

Bitcoin StartUp is part of PayPal foundation program


PayPal has announced that they support a Bitcoin StartUp in Singapure under a foundation program.ONEPAY which operates under the name OneBit, the nine-month program startups occurs in addition to two other Fintech: Prosecure and Invoiceinterchange. OneBit facilitates payments NFC payments