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The Bitcoin vault


Cryptsy, shapeshift, Gatecoin, Bitfinex … What connects these crypto exchanges with each other? More than 130,000 BTC (73,818,875 US $) have been collectively in 2016 stolen from them. Hacks and Attacks on Bitcoin exchanges have become so common that it

Monero instead of Bitcoin?


Alphabay has after the end of Agora, established as main darknet trading platform, especially for weapons and drugs. Previously, you could only pay with Bitcoins, now also supporting Monero is implemented. From September you will be using this virtual currency

USC – the anti-Bitcoin

credit: wilhei55

Bitcoin and blockchain – the hype surrounding the two terms has hit not only in the past waves, but also on Wednesday. On this day, the financial giant BNY Mellon, the German bank, Banco Santander, UBS, the broker Icap and

Cryptsy chief denies theft

cyber attack

The Cryptsy CEO Paul Vernon commented on the allegations now, Bitcoins worth several million dollars on his private account transferred to have. The trading platform for digital currencies It was closed at the beginning of the year following an alleged

SegWit code comes with Core Update


The upcoming Bitcoin Core Update 0.13.0 contains the long-awaited SegWit code which can later be activated on the Bitcoin block chain to scale the transaction capacity. The well-considered the most valuable change in the 0.13.0 version will not be activated

Manipulated Bitcoin software?


The Bitcoin project believes that the release of the next software version 0.13.0 threatened by state actors. On the project’s website, there is a corresponding security warning. The project calls on all users to check the downloaded software always means

Bitcoin exchange Cryptsy: Chef allegedly embezzled millions


In January, the Bitcoin exchange Cryptsy had declared insolvent and named as basic loss of a hack, 2014. Now the trustee says that the Cryptsy boss has diverted 3.3 million dollars into his own pocket. The head of the fallen

Fake Bitcoin wallets on thieves tour on the App Store


Fraudsters could apparently put several alleged Bitcoin wallets on the App Store and thus steal Bitcoins by users. Apple has the apps now removed. Apple has more than ten alleged Bitcoin wallets left in the App Store, which were designed

US authorities auctioned again Bitcoins

silk road bitcoin auction

The US Marshals Service will auction Bitcoins, which were seized in various investigation cases again. This time it should be 2700 Bitcoins (currently around 1.8 million dollars), may place their bids for the investors, as the US authorities announced. The

Bitfinex: Investors lose a third of their deposits


The exchange for digital currencies Bitfinex will resume operation after the theft of Bitcoin worth the equivalent of over 60 million dollars. The loss should be allocated to all customers, Bitfinex informed on with. Each user will thus 36 percent