Monthly Archives: August 2016

Bitcoin Startups Start Smart Contracts Alliance


Smart Contracts that are based on the Bitcoin block chain soon promoted a kind of cooperative Bitcoin startups. In a memorandum of understanding yesterday several international Bitcoin companies have agreed to a cooperative form, to advance the development of a

After theft: Bitcoin price falls massively

credit: PerfectHue

On August 2, 2016 by 7 pm the Bitcoin price was 602.95 US dollars. Five hours later, the figure was only 518.02 US dollars. In the meantime, the Bitcoin price was able to re-stabilize somewhat, but still remains at a

New anti-money laundering laws for Bitcoin Exchanges in Europe


The European Commission has prepared a draft which has tightened regulations for Bitcoin companies to prevent terrorist financing and money laundering to target. In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks within the European Union on one side and the

Ethereum: Two parallel systems?


In Ethereum, the most important competition project to Bitcoins, it comes to the formation of sects. Suddenly there coexist two systems. The process highlights the pitfalls of the highly acclaimed art. In early May was still all right. When the