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Needham Report sees rise of Bitcoin course


How Bitcoin makes on the market and what we can from the digital currency expected in the near future? A recent assessment of the Needham Report draws conclusions from all possible scenarios that could of known cryptocurrency happen. It presents

Spain wants to tax Bitcoin Mining


Gradually, the regulatory initiatives towards digital currencies and mining activities become more concrete. While still retaining many other countries, the Spanish tax authorities and Bitcoin- Altcoin mining have classified as taxable economic activity. In the last letter, of the National

Bitcoins as retirement?


Even celebrity investors like the two US venture capitalist Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz are now investing in Bitcoins. The digital currency is for 7 years and has had a turbulent time behind itself. Investors who covered the end of

Call to boycott Bitcoin


NodeCounter is a website that allows users to see Bitcoin mining statistics. Now NodeCounter has Bitcoin called upon to boycott the Crypto Currency community. This is now already the second appeal, which is directed against the Bitcoin Core Developer. This

Gemini begins daily auctions


Gemini Trading, Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange of known Winklevoss twins, now daily Bitcoin sale begins. While Gemini is with this step, the first crypto-market uses for itself Auctions, among the major equity markets such as the New York Stack Exchange

Low space for new Miner?

credit: IMG_0411

Recent studies have shown that without a stronger Bitcoin price increase is very little space for new Miner. In the paper “Minting Money With megawatts” of Sveinn Valfells (Flux Ltd.) and Jón Helgi Egilsson (University of Iceland) both a broad

38 Bitcoin for The Water Project


The “The Water Project” receives an enormous Bitcoinspende. Overall, an anonymous donor transferred 38 Bitcoin worth over $ 23,000 to support the project, which provides clean water and related resources available. The project is at the Bitcoinern a known aid

First Bitcoin transaction into space


If not the price, then make a Bitcoin transaction: Bitcoin to the Moon! The Bitcoin Mining cloud provider Genesis Mining * sent the probably first Bitcoin transaction in the universe within a marketing campaign. When action Bitcoin was sent to

Bitcoin and Co. boost cybercrime


Cybercrime is a big problem now. Last year, the financial damage of such attacks is said to have summed about by loss of data and IT systems destroyed, stolen money or patents as well as the costs resulting from recovery

Sandia Labs developed Bitcoin tracking software


The research firm Sandia National Laboratories is working on a block chain analysis tool that law enforcement agencies should enable to dismantling Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin was at best only pseudo anonymous in the past. The design and the transparency of