Monthly Archives: September 2016

Bitcoin could have significant implications for monetary policy


If the acceptance should significantly increase of Bitcoin or other virtual currencies on a global scale, this could because of their decentralized and independent character have significant consequences for the interests of monetary policy and thus complicate regulatory scrutiny significantly,

So the Zug Bitcoin project progressing


Since July Zug (Switzerland) accepts as the first city worldwide Bitcoin as payment. Who pays in Bitcoin? And how many transactions have been made? By the end of the year can be paid up to the equivalent of 200 francs

An algorithm against price fluctuations?


If you had to choose between a greater risk and a lower profit, what would you choose? If you have opted for the second option, you’re in luck: A new algorithm could help to avoid the volatility of the Bitcoin

Bitcoin exchanges not safe?


How safe are Bitcoin in online exchanges? Not especially when a recent study gives credence. Accordingly, 33 percent of Bitcoin exchange sites have been hacked in the past few years. The researchers Tyler Moore stated in an empirical study that