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DAO hacker exchanges ETC against Bitcoin


Let us remember in June, when a hack from Ethereum’s most famous project, the DAO, could get rid of a lot of money by taking advantage of a security gap. The hack had a huge impact on the Ethereum ecosystem

Ethereum Classic (ETC) successfully passes its own Hard Fork


It is the network that has practically emerged as a result of the DAO disaster. The founders of Ethereum Classic (ETC) saw in the then hard fork a threat of the core principles of the blockchain: the immutability. But now

BitPay Launches Secure Bitcoin Payments App


The global bitcoin payments provider BitPay announced the release of the BitPay app, a full-featured wallet app for securely storing and spending bitcoin. BitPay has developed bitcoin payment acceptance tools for leading companies like Microsoft, Steam, and The company

SegWit release already in November?


The code for solving the bitcoin scaling problem might be active as early as 15 November. The new Bitcoin core update 0.13.1 will contain a further code snippet with the help of which the users (and presumably also the miners)

New momentum thanks to ViaBTC?

credit: Bitcoin IMG_3407-effects

Since the debates of the last few months on how to scale the transaction capacity of Bitcoin, the ViaBTC Mining Pool has given new impetus to the controversial issue. So far, there has been little progress in the scale-up, which

The Netherlands starts with the digital guilder


Adoption of cryptanages is different on a global scale. The readers of our news can now become a few strongholds. Be it Singapore, the United States, the Swiss town of Zug or Arnhem. But the Netherlands now seems to take

How much control do Chinese miners really have about Bitcoin?


If you are dealing with Bitcoin regularly, you do not get to know that China is one of the biggest fans. And China’s influence remains not unnoticed. While the yuan’s value goes down, the bitcoin price is slowly rising above

Bitcoin credit platform Bitbond


Without banks giving credits worldwide, the Bitbond start-up has begun to get the blessing of the financial supervision BaFin. The Berlin startup Bitbond wants to mediate private small loans on a bitcoin basis – and has now received the license

Brave offers publisher’s first bitcoin micro-payment


The browser startup Brave offers the first Bitcoin payment to the online magazine The Wall Street Journal. The controversial browser service blocks third-party advertising banners and at the same time allows users to compensate the web site operators with Bitcoin

Norway: Bitcoin Foundation loses bank account


Because they can not prove that the MitgliederbeirÃĪge not contain traces of terrorism, “Norges Bitcoinforening” their account loses at Norway’s largest bank DNB. The procedure which reverses the burden of proof is so surreal, as if Kafka reborn in Oslo.