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Vulcan is helping banks to love Bitcoin

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The fact that the blockchain slowly but surely becomes the favorite of the FinTech industry is not necessarily something new. Interestingly, the currency bitcoin has however almost disappeared from the headlines. The Vulcan Digital Asset Services joint venture is now

Are the days of Bitcoin counted?


The Circle CEO is certain: in just a few years, the time of the Bitcoin is counted and no one will use the crypt of the crypt. Bitcoin is probably the most successful crypto diet in today’s market. Having been

Sweden is planning state bitcoins


Actually they were a thorn in the eyes of the powerful people in the central banks. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin have not caused much more than head shaking and a little stomachache in the past. They are bad for

Amazon: iPayYou now also allows purchases with Bitcoin

photo credit: jurvetson

The Seattle-based startup company iPayYou is now working with Amazon. Geekwire has reported on this. In the future, it will be possible to make purchases on Amazon via the American Bitcoin payment platform. Firstly, however, this feature is still limited

Segregated Witness: Protocol change is to make Bitcoin more powerful

credit: PerfectHue

The Bitcoin community is currently required to vote on a change to the protocol of crypto-nutrition. The amendment called “Segregated Witness” is intended to help resolve the highly controversial issues of how more blocks of data can be processed in

Soon Bitcoin regulation in Dubai?


The government of Dubai wants to lay the foundations for legislation on bitcoin regulation. The supreme court committee of Dubai held an assembly together with the Dubai Electronic Security Center. There, the future regulation of digital currencies should be discussed

Bitcoin certificate: Vontobel lets investors bet on crypt diet

bitcoin network

Derivatives allow some financial constructions that would be unthinkable with funds. Now private investors can speculate on bitcoins for the first time, without actually having the virtual currency. The Swiss private bank Vontobel is issuing the first certificate to the

Bitcoin price growed rapidly


The Bitcoin is again showing its strong side. Yesterday, the price of the digital currency rose within an hour by 30 dollars. For a short time the Bitcoin was worth 740 USD yesterday, he managed a course jump of about

Ethereum Geth Release introduces Swarm Daemon feature


A few exciting things are waiting for the Ethereum community. Two new Geth clients will be released next week. The releases contain new features, such as the AlphaLight Client. In addition, the limits for the new hard fork are inserted

Israel’s startups rely on Blockchain and Fintech


Israel’s start-up scene is one of the fastest growing in the world, focusing more and more on Fintech and Blockchain. According to a report by Deloitte, the number of start-ups from the financial sector has increased from 90 to 430,