Monthly Archives: November 2016

Suspected Bitcoin fraudster transferred by police


The police in Dubai have arrested a man who has allegedly stolen Bitcoins from several people. Local sources reported that three citizens of Dubai were deceived by an alleged Bitcoin buyer. He pretended to want to buy the digital currency

Election result leads to the escape in Bitcoin


We all can remember the reactions after the BREXIT vote – the bitcoincors rose sharply. With the election victory of Donald Trump, this scenario has been repeated. Again, it has come to a political scandal, to a great uncertainty of

New data center for Bitcoin mining

bitcoin network

Bitmain, the second largest mining pool in the Bitcoin industry and the most popular mining equipment manufacturer, wants to build the world’s third largest data center together with Chinese investors. The company, which currently controls 18.6 percent of the bitcoin

Blockchain: The second phase of the digital revolution?


The digital currency Bitcoin has caused a lot of attention in recent years. The price has risen sharply. Over a period of three years, Bitcoin has even increased 238 percent against the US dollar. And within five years, the price

Swiss Federal Railways test sales of Bitcoins


As of 11 November, Swiss francs can be exchanged at Bitcoin at the ticket machines of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), as the state company reports. Users need a smartphone with Wallet application as well as a Swiss mobile phone

What is ZCash worth?


ZCash has been on the market for several days now. On the crypt-market, the value of the new digital currency (ZEC) is still being assessed. The price for 1 ZEC is now at the price of 2 Bitcoin (1 ZEC

Needham raises the price target for Bitcoin by almost 30 percent


The US investment bank Needham & Company LLC predicts the computer currency Bitcoin a bright future ahead. According to the Needham analysts, the acceptance and demand of Bitcoins, the most famous crypt diet, surpasses all expectations. Reason enough to raise