Monthly Archives: December 2016

Bitcoin is experiencing the next boom


In the last few months, the creeping decline of Bitcoin was everywhere. The hype is over, Fintech is evolving in another direction. Blockchain yes. But certainly not Bitcoin. A slightly different picture shows the value development of the digital currency

Argentine central bank is interested in Bitcoin


The growing volatility of bitcoin in the past may lead to the assumption that central banks lose their interest in digital currencies. But: The Argentinean Central Bank is now proving the opposite with its interest. The origin of the interest

Etherum goes mobile


Ethereum will soon have a first wallet for mobile devices with a WeChat-like interface.The Alpha version of Status will appear in the next few weeks. This program is intended to provide a new, up-to-date interface for the Ethereum wallet. With

More and more Russians want Bitcoin


The relationship between Bitcoin and Russia remains tense. The Kremlin is not exactly opposed to foreign currencies, even more so when it comes to cryptanages. On the other hand, interest in the Russian population is growing, which is reflected in