3,237 miles in name of Bitcoin!

Jason King runs from coas to coast for more awareness of homeless and BitcoinFrom Miami to San Francisco – that’s the route of a 3,237 miles run from Jason King, Bitcoin evangelist and homeless advocate. With his trip Jason wants to bring attention to Bitcoin and homeless people and wants to show how the open nature of virtual currencies like Bitcoin could help solve poverty. His familiy and the partnership with KryptoKit.com helped Jason by his run between the Atlantic and Pacific ocean he has finished last saturday.

Homelessness sucks.
Bitcoin rocks. I’m running across the country to raise awareness
for both.

This words Jason wrote on his website – and so he started to run and to tell people more about both topics. A little over four months it takes to cover the distance and in this time Jason met a lot of interesting people, shed 72 pounds and was surprised by the fact how many people know about Bitcoin and want to talk about it in small towns. But he also saw the mass of homeless people and the poverty. This impressions strengthened him to show how Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies could help those peoples. To CNET King said: “Bitcoin allows you to open up to a world stage with a local problem. That’s never been possible before with aniy other monetary device.”

For this, Jason King runs a homeless outreach organization in Pensacola called “Sean’s Outpost”. There he swa how the glabal nature of Bitcoind has helped pay for food for people in need.

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