38 Bitcoin for The Water Project

The “The Water Project” receives an enormous Bitcoinspende. Overall, an anonymous donor transferred 38 Bitcoin worth over $ 23,000 to support the project, which provides clean water and related resources available. The project is at the Bitcoinern a known aid project, because even BitGive helped to fund a well. Local teams build wells for water, dams and other sanitation in Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

The users of the equipment to be supplied with clean water and the risk of poisoning is no longer exposed. They also need the dangerous animals no longer fear within the waters. Proud 38 Bitcoins were now donated for a good cause, in two transactions (1.2) the “tools” Bitcoin was provided. Prompt followed by a reaction of the organization:

We do not know who you are, but we are grateful! […] Today you donated enough Bitcoins to build clean water, and sanitation for an entire school and also the maintenance costs are covered for many years.

In recent years, the Bitcoin community five projects supported, in part, there were anonymous donations. The organization is very grateful – as for every donation that it receives. It must also not always be 38 Bitcoin. In brief, the organization will announce how the Bitcoins be used. Most likely it will be used in Sierra Leone.

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