Blockchain: More than 3 mil. bitcoin wallets

blockchain.infoIn these times, where the media write about the doom of Bitcoin, good news are worthwhile. And so Blockchain, host for Bitcoin wallets, have a really great reason to celebrate: Quite recently the 3 millionth wallet was opened at the platform. Concurrently the downloads were more than redoubled in just one year. These figures shows a great growth and hold out hope. Coinbase, the biggest rival of Blockchain host about 2,5 mil Bitcoin wallets in this days.

Certainly not all of the 3 million wallets are active. An exact number of the active wallets could not be mentioned because of reasons in terms of data-protection law. Peter Smith, CEO Blockchain, betrays that it looks like a healthy growth of the Bitcoin scene because of a possibly record-breaking transaction volume. In conversation with Coindesk he said:

“You can look to the 140% (approx.) year-over-year growth in the number of transactions powered by our software daily to get a sense for activity, which, as a company focused on making it easy to transact, is really encouraging.”

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