Save the date: CoinDesks Consensus 2015

On September 10, the Consensus Bitcoin Meetup 2015 takes place in New York this year. The event hosted by the Bitcoin platform CoinDesk holds many prominent speakers and interesting topics from the digital currency industry ready.

The main topic of the event will be the impact of Bitcoin and the blockchain on the global financial system, because the technology can potentially eventually affect everyone of us – from the people without a bank account to Wall Street. It will be discussed with experts from all sectors about how the technology can make their contribution and is to solve real and serious problems. Companies like PayPal, Well Fargo, the US Treasury and leading technologists and investors have already secured their tickets.

The Consensus 2015 event will be in New York at the Times Center, which is part of the New York Times building. Some of the previous speaker:

  • Wences Casares, Founder and CEO Xapo
  • Kosta Peric, Deputy Director and CTO Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Ben Parker, Co-Founder and CEO IRIN News
  • Martine Niejadlik, former leader of the compliance departement at Coinbase
  • Nathaniel Popper, Reporter New York Times
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