79 % of US-companies plan Bitcoin integration

Report about the relevance of crypto-currencies

credit: kenteegardin

High-tech giant HP had commissioned a study about crypto-currencies by Ponemon Instituts and get back a report with very good news. The report indicates that crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are an inherent part of the long-term strategy of many US-companies.79 % of the interviewed companies plans to integrate Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies sooner or later. Moreover 634 US citizens were interviewed and 80% of them think that crypto-currency take over paper money!

Most of the interviewes persons work  in the IT so they are more familar with electronic payments. In spite of it all the trust in crypto-currencies grows and that’s a step in the right direction. So the awareness of digital currencies is very positive and things like digital wallets are well known – but some of the interviewed persons are not sure if the wallets are really safe.

The conclusion of the report is that an adoption of digital currencies is ineviteable because the companies and the end-consumer are ready to accept and use the virtual payment methods. Already 60% of the interviewed companies said that digital currencies are an important part of their e-payment strategy for the near future. So far only 14 percent of the companies support currencies like Bitcoin.


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