Accepting Bitcoin donations

A few days ago a friend ask me how he could integrate a possibility to accept Bitcoin as a donation for a charity project. I helped him to integrate BitPay in his wordpress blog – and I thougt that perhaps there are more people interested in this topic so I decided to write a how-to to integrate a possibility for a Bitcoin donation. It’s so easy and take only a few minutes so everyone who will collect donations should give it a try!

BitPay register

BitPay is a well-known Payment Service Provider (PSP). With Bitpay you could use a Bitcoin payment for eCommerce and B2B solutions. And you could use it for donations, too. BitPay allows the exchange from Bitcoin to your preferred currency so you don’t have to own a wallet. If you want a payout in Bitcoin it’s naturally possible, too. But then you need a wallet. The best thing about it is that BitPay is easy to integrate and although easy to use. And there are different possibilities to integrate the donation service in websites and blogs.

To accept Bitcoin donations via BitPay at the first step you need an account which could registered for free. Just fill out the registration formular and the informations to verify your account. Attention! If you want to use BitPay for a nonprofit organization you have to choose it at the end of the formular. BitPay offers a free payment processing to US-based nonprofit organizations. Therefore you need your Employer Identication Number to apply.

The registration

Follow the instructions and short formulars to complete your registration and confirm your eMail. After that the BitPay team review your application and by a test it tooks only a few moments  until I received the mail that the account had been improved. In the next steps you have to choose a password and the settings for receiving settlement.

After you logged in with your new account just click at “Accept Bitcoin” in the navigation and choose “Charities” for your donation and select the payment methods. With creating the donate button you can also choose a donor choosen amount or a fixed donation amount and the payment notifications. With a click on Generate! BitPay give out the required HTML code to integrate the donation button in your website.

BitPay Donation for charity

Bitcoin donation with a wordpress Plugin

If you use WordPress for your charity site you can use the plugin Bittip.IT Plugin instead the donation button. To use the plugin you have to enter your Bitcoin adress and it will generate a button which could be placed in a post or page at your blog. If somebody click on the button an iframe with a QR code will open and give the possibility to donate.

Bittip.It Plugin for WordPress

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