Actions against swiss manufacturer of Bitcoin hardware

Bitmine is a manufacturer for Bitcoin mining hardware based in Switzerland. Currently, the company is inundated with complaints from customers. The allegation is the swiss company had not delivered the goods ordered and pre-paid and paid no refunds. The alleged damages in the hundreds of thousands of francs. This showed at least close documents that are circulating on the Internet.

In the last two years, the mining was enormously lucrative. The demand for computers such as those of Bitmine exceeded supply by far. And so the practice to pay for goods ordered in advance arose. That seems to customers of Bitmine now to have become fatal. People who are familiar with the situation report Bitmine would have been unlucky. In the beginning, the company was the victim himself. So a Chinese partner have not delivered what he promised. It was a matter of components that should be built into the hardware of Bitmine. The consequences were obviously serious: Bitmine found himself no longer able to meet the delivery promise to their own customers. At the same time there was no money that was lost in China. Why Bitmine this issue – if he’s wrong – their own customers compared with not disclosing remains unclear.

Since the initial difficulties are now more than one and a half years elapsed.

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