Amazon: iPayYou now also allows purchases with Bitcoin

The Seattle-based startup company iPayYou is now working with Amazon. Geekwire has reported on this. In the future, it will be possible to make purchases on Amazon via the American Bitcoin payment platform. Firstly, however, this feature is still limited to the US American side of Amazon.

The company iPayYou announced this week a new feature called “Amazon Direct”. This allows customers to use money from any bit of BitCoins for purchases on Amazon. Only in July, the start-up provided a similar service for account owners of the service Twitter. Everyone could receive and send payments with Bitcoin without giving private information. In a video the integration of the payment provider into the system of the retailer is shown.

Currently, this is the only way to pay articles directly on Amazon with Bitcoin. This is emphasized by the CEO of iPayYou, Gene Kavner. This was before the company founding last year among other things at Amazon and Microsoft active. The site also sells gift vouchers for some sites, including the Apple Store, Starbucks and Amazon. It is also possible to buy the coupons with Bitcoin before, the CEO said in a conversation.

The startup company iPayYou consists of only five people, all of whom are employed in Seattle. A large part of the capital was provided by the investor Roger Ver, a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

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