American Express invest in Bitcoin

In the world of Bitcoin, it always comes back to surprises. So could be heard on several occasions in recent weeks that banks have increasingly interested in the crypto currency and the technology behind it. And now also the first provider of credit cards to jump on the train Bitcoin: AMEX confirmed as an investor at a Founding round of Abra to have participated.

Abra is a service that makes it easy to send money between different countries. For the service it uses the blockchain technology, also on the Bitcoin is constructed. The money transfer across national borders is an area where the technology is particularly useful, saving them costs and is especially fast. AMEX proves with the investment – the first that they has made in digital currencies – in the region, the company that it now is for traditional financial companies at the time to go a step toward new technologies and integrate them into their business with.

Chain, another blockchain startup, raised last month 30 millions in a Series B round and big names like Visa an Nasdaq taking part in the investment. With Nasdaq, Chain also partnered for a pilot programm in which private shares could be traded using the blockchain.

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