Amsterdam: Two Bitcoin ATMs were stolen

cyber attack

credit: Crackers

One month ago two Bitcoin ATMs were stolen in Amsterdam in the same week. This news frist broke this weekend with a tweet by Coin ATM Radar. One of the stolen BTM is a two-way BitAccess BTM (worth about $10,000) placed in a Thai restaurant. The other is a one-way General Bytes BATMtwo (worth about $3,000) placed in a bar in the Red Light District. That are very bad news for the Dutch Bitcoin Scene. And the offenders have not been caught.

Martin Wismeijer (Dutch BTM-Collective Mr. Bitcoin) told Cointelegraph that they wanted to keep the news on the down low at first, because they were afraid that too much publicity could frustrate the police investigation. Mr. Bitcon is the owner of the General Bytes BTM at the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam. Wismeijer said:

“When I first heard the machine was stolen I was crushed, since I paid for it using my own savings. Furthermore, the way we set up our business is that local miners essentially sell their bitcoins through one of our machines, which they ‘adopt.’ This way, we don’t need to rely on any banks, because we as a company nor the miners need a bank account. But it also means that the money inside of the BTMs was really the miner’s money, so I feel really bad for him as well.”

The thiefes will not be able to get any Bitcoins out of the machine and when they try to use the machines, they need a contact with the internet and with the serial numbers of the BTM the owners of the ATMs will be contacted. So they only can use the cash money inside the machines. How much money was inside the BTMs is unclear.

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