App to calculate optimal transaction fees

The manufacturer of the legendary Bitcoin computer, 21 Inc, has launched a free web application for calculating the optimal transaction fee at the start. The app should show the user to predict how quickly a transaction is carried out for a certain fee. The real-time application shows the user in addition to the fees, which are currently required in the network and also gives an estimate of the block delay and the approximate duration of the transaction.

The launch of the 21 Inc app is right at times when the transaction volume breaks all records and discusses the Bitcoin community hot exceeding transactions per block. To perform a Bitcoin transaction, the network demands known to a very small fee, which serves as a remuneration of Miner for carrying out the transaction – because without Miner would be no safe bitcoin blockchain.

Logically prefer Bitcoin miners transactions with a higher fee and write them faster on the blockchain, as transactions with a small fee. The more fees charged you thus, the faster your transactions are confirmed and transferred. However, is not always clear which fee is currently the optimal cost / benefit factor offers here the 21 Inc application comes into play.

To overcome this problem, 21 Inc has developed the web application. You should offer users manual transaction an approximate indication of which fees are charged just for a quick transaction.

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